Tips On Using The Best Prohormone Stack For A Targeted Result

The best prohormone stack usually contains a mix of prohormone chemicals that are designed to create a specific result like more muscle mass, more energy, or increased muscle recovery. Instead of using a single prohormone, stacks contain a targeted mix of chemicals which works faster and much more efficiently. However, problems do occur and there are users who state that even the best prohormone stack did not create the right results.

Why does this happen?

Although prohormone stacks do work, you have to understand that certain supportive procedures have to be followed to gain the most results from the stacks. Following are a few tips that should help you get the most results from whichever stack you are using at present.

*Protein intake – You have to eat at least 1.5gms of protein per pound of body weight to ensure maximum weight gain when you are using prohormones. For some people, it may also be necessary to up your protein intake to almost 2gms per pound of body weight. Weigh yourself before the cycle starts and ensure that you have your meal plan ready for maximum gain when you start the cycle.
*Sensible expectations – You will gain about 10 to 20lbs while on a supportive therapy regimen but keep your expectations realistic and sensible. This definitely means adding the right food and right workout routines to your regimen.
*Follow doses – Dosing instructions are provided by manufacturers and we recommend you stick to them as strictly as possible. It is tempting to increase or decrease the dose but don’t do that. Most companies have calibrated a dose that is small enough to provide minimal side-effects while resulting in maximum gain. Stay on track with the dosing and cycling process.
*Choose a stack with a fat-burning element – No matter what kind of stack you use, make sure it contains a good fat-burner. It will trim off the excess fat and ensure maximum weight gain during your cycle. This results in a ripped but lean look that is highly attractive.
*Consume your medication at the same time everyday – Prohormones reach a consistent blood level after 3-8 hours of consumption. As a result, you have to consume your stack at the same time everyday to ensure an even level of blood prohormone all through the day.
*Choose the best consumption process – Most stacks are provided in oral form and they work quite well. However, for some people, injectable prohormones seems to work better. In this case, we do recommend you choose the right consumption process for maximum results.
*Support – No matter which prohormone you use, you will require inter-cycle and post-cycle therapy to reduce the side-effects seen with the chemical use. We recommend using a company that offers both stack as well as combined cycle support supplements. This way you know that the potential side-effects are known and covered under the supportive therapy medication.

Its crucial to keep in mind that prohormones are effective but only if you use them correctly. If you are doing this for the first time, try to do as much research as possible before starting out and make sure that your use the right supportive therapy to prevent detrimental effects on your body. If you do your research properly, you should results quite quickly.